Daniamant L170 SOLAS/MED Lifebuoy Light

Product Name: L170 SOLAS/MED Approved Lifebuoy Light
Brand: Daniamant
Product Category: Lights
Product Description: SOLAS Approved  Lifebuoy light designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 2cd output specification and 2 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations.
Design & Function: The L170 is available in two versions. We offer a commercial version and a version with a unique bracket, specially designed for mounting with leisure Lifebuoys. Both versions are fully SOLAS approved and differ only in the bracked supplied. Both brackets are designed for easy fitment. Fit and Forget Both Lifebuoy Lights offer a five year life. No maintenance or replacement batteries are required. This saves time and expense during inspections. Compact size These Lifebuoy Lights are amongst the smallest and lightest lights available on the market today. 76 Metres Drop Height MED/SOLAS and USCG standards call for the Lifebuoy lights to be dropped from 30 metres. Both these Lifebuoy lights have passed a drop height test from 76 metres high. This makes these new lifebuoy lights suitable for use on any platform or vessel with high bridge wings. LED Technology Both Lifebuoy Lights are using the latest advances in LED technology. They feature very low current consumption and enhanced reliability. Both our Lifebuoy Lights feature a flashing light. Low Cost transportation These new lights are exempt from transport packing, marking and labelling regulations under surface ADR and IMDG Special provision 188, IATA Packing Instruction 970 Part 1, making shipping easier, quicker and cheaper.
Product Specifications: Colour - Yellow Colour - Bracket Black Light - – Output 2 Candela minimum Light - Duration 2 hours min Light - Type Flashing LED Material - Light Polycarbonate Material - Bracket Polypropylene Lanyard - Supplied with a 1.0 m long Lanyard Storage Temperature - -30° C to + 65° C Operating Temperature - -1° C to + 30° C Drop Height - 76 metres Weight of Light - Nominal 91 grams Weight incl. Bracket - Nominal 128 grams 115 grams Activation - Automatic via activation lead Approvals - Classification Societies SOLAS/MED
Technical/MSDS Documents: